New conversations page!

It’s been a very satisfying month for Slaask: launching new integrations, improvements to our API targeted towards large organizations, and a lot of new code. Like much of the work we are accomplishing right now, our focus remains on helping companies scale more efficiently, and more comfortably.

That's why we released a brand new conversation page. Keeping in touch with your team's conversation is now super easy!

PS: Have you seen our new widget-selection menu? :D

Twitter integration is now fixed!

Due to changes on the Twitter streaming API, we were not able to send direct-messages and tweets to your Slack account. We updated it, and our Twitter integration is now working like a charm. 🚀

We know that you rely on Slaask to communicate with your customers. This type of outage is not acceptable. We strive to provide you with reliable service, but today we failed some of you. Our engineering team is putting systems in place to prevent problems like this from happening again. 💪🏽

We’re the biggest Slaask users around and we're working hard to serve you as well as we can because it’s important to be in love with what we build here at Slaask.

Please let me know if there’s anything else I can do to help.

👋🏽 - Rémi Delhaye, CTO, and Cofounder

Connect your Twilio account to Slaask.

Your team will receive and be able to live-respond to text-messages directly from Slack.

Make your widget fluent.

Make your livechat self-adaptive to your leads' or customers' language! Take 2 seconds to enable this feature now. Choose from up to 20 different languages!

Take full advantage of our integrations!

We are releasing over 30 integrations to the public! We are sure that you will find your source of happiness there!


Yowzers!! Starting now, when using the Slack command /giphy, the appropriate gifs will be called up to Slaask just as they are in Slack! We know this feature can be addictive, but please don't hold back from launching animated gifs to your heart's content!

Gifs are a great way for you to convey real emotions (and humor) to your customers! Be careful, though, you never know what's going to pop up.

Docked/undocked web browser live-chat

As some of you have already noticed, you can now choose to dock or undock your Slaask live-chat to your web browser!

Customize this in the "Personalization" section under the "General" tab. Come on, you know you want to give it a spin!


Check out this great FAQ to learn more about this new feature.

Introducing the background feature!

Yipee!! We are releasing a brand new feature that will enable you to customize your chat background exactly the way you want it!

Don't be shy. Let the customization festivities begin by going to the "Personalization" section under the "Background" tab.

Major changes concerning the "people" and "conversations" pages!

To continue offering you the simplest interface possible, we've just changed the page called "real time!" You can now enjoy two updated pages: the "People" page and the "Conversations" page.

Feel free to check out these two updated pages and to play around with their filters! Filters are a great way for you to zoom in on what it is you really want to focus on!

Changes re: the names of Slaask channels!

Oh yeah!! As we have established ourselves as being well ahead of the crowd (exactly where we want to stay), we've gone ahead and made some highly impactful changes to the names of the Slaask channels that appear in your Slack account. These channel names are now simpler and easier to understand!

Read this doc to learn more about this shiny new update.

No published changelogs yet.

Surely Slaask will start publishing changelogs very soon.

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